Generational Cycles — Is This Our Crisis?

I was in conversation today with my friend and colleague Jonathan Gilburg of Gilburg Leadership. It was followup to the Boston Art of Hosting Training that we co-hosted earlier this year.

As we checked-in we shared our awareness of big events happening in the world. In Japan, earthquake followed by tsunamic followed by the potential of nuclear meltdown. In Lybia, further civil war and the impact on democratic uprising in neighboring Arab nations. This is a conversation that can go on, the naming of significant happenings (which also are happening at the level of scale of self, team, community, organizations).

Do they call for us, all / many of us, to be in a different paradigm of thought, understanding, and practice?

I liked Jon’s description, from others that he has read, that perhaps we are in a generational cycle. It is the idea that, when tracked over civilizations, when reaching a significant enough level of crisis (and I believe hope), a new consciousness is born. But that with each shift, the crisis must appear (to help illuminate the accompanying dream). It is not to impose crisis, or intellectually understate the realness of what is happening in day to day lives. It is to notice some of the conditions for emergence.

This is one I’ll continue to watch for. Including the offerings of new thought, understanding, and practice.

Thanks Jon for this stirring.

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