GMJF — Makin’ it Great

From a recent gathering in Florida with the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. This was one harvest from an afternoon cafe on making GMJF a great place to work.

Rap / Poem from GMJF Staff Retreat
Stories of Great. Stories of Challenge.
Suggestions for the Next Year at GMJF
September 2008

GMJF – makin’ it great. Makin’ it rate.
What’s your say? Do you want to say?

Servin’ in the community. Even with a little swervin’ we’re still servin’.
Unity in the community. What could this community be?

In common, workin’ with shared values,
workin’ as family – the human family.

Wow! Commitment is our commitment.
Wow! Responsible for living and giving and fulfilling.

Everyday – Aha! You are there for me.
I can see you are there for me, for we.

Bigger than Miami, the Miami family and more.
All the way to the Soviet Union (20 years ago).

I will never forget that kitchen. Zip lock bags on a line.
Cherish the simple. So fine.

Real people and real work.
Friendship. Super Sunday processing.
World conference mission – we celebrate culture and motivated volunteers.
Givin’ time and rhymes.

Stories of challenge. It ain’t all easy, easy peasy.
But we are committed to seeing, seeing and being. Agreeing with no fleeing.

GMJF. Growin’ it great. .That’s our fate.
What’s your say? Do you want to say?

Difference. Keepin’ us safe.
Meeting everyone in all the difference.

The stress of newness. Where’s the coffee!
The stress of blueness. Where’s the coffee!
Stress with a purpose. Stressin’ without digressin’.

Process? Process? Inner and outer.
Not knowin’ your time line. It’s often a fine line.
Invitin’ without bitin’. Invitin’ to heightin’.

Emotion. The motion of emotion in all different view points.
Stress with a purpose. Stressin’ without digressin’.

GMJF. Living it great. Take the bait.
What’s your say? Your say on this day?

Improoving is the practice. Improoving and grooving.
Perfection isn’t real. Just practice with zeal.

Start with an announcement. Poems.
Songs in a tux. Jokes.

Use the internet to see the profiles of our people,
Our people servin’.

A state of the art gym.
All kiddin’ aside, join this ride.

On site weight watchers.
Data base of resources.
Implement – it’s our rent.
Not just talk. Balking at the talking.

In my white room. Safe space. Safe place.
We need to meet. We need to be great.

Remote workin’. My wife is pregnant again.
Workin’ on ten, and a day care again.

Who is the resource. The source keeps us on course.
$10K from my doc. That ain’t just talk.

Sharing. Improve the knowin’.
Workin’ on accountable. Even just one or two.

Lunch and break room – for engagement.
Meeting for learning. Learning and our yearning.

Well done. Happy Birthday. Go play!

Imagine. Imagine. Imagine.
Learning in our job. Not just gobs and gobs.
What is real? What beyond zeal?

GMJF. Livin’ it great.
Stay by your say. Say on this day.

Servin’ in the community. Swervin’. Servin’.
The parking spot is yours!

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