Graphic Recorder Resources

To add to the choice of harvests…

Nancy Margulies
I met Nancy in the early 90s, working together at Berkana Institute dialogues. She is a brilliant thinker and artist. Nancy is pioneering remote recording in forms of videos, live tablet drawings, and others. I love her work, and in this remote sense, commitment to lowering carbon footprint. Nancy also has great books and resources to strengthen the graphic recorder in all of us.

Frankie James
Nancy Margulies told me to check Frankie James, in particular her visual essays. Nice harvest options here.

The World Café
Includes a resource directory for visual recorders.

International Visual Practitioners Forum
Really easy interface to find graphic recorders.

Julie Stuart
Julie and I are with a team hosting and harvesting a one-day retreat, including a world café, for the Greater Miami Jewish Federation

Nancy White
Nancy and I were with a team hosting and harvesting conversation spaces at the Pegasus Systems Thinking in Action Conference, November 2007

Steven Wright
I’ve worked with Steven many times. He is brilliant!

Janine Underhill
She harvested and made sense of a good piece of work in Denver in 2014-2015. Well done.

Martha McGinnis
I haven’t met Martha but became aware of her through IVPF.

Stephanie Crowley
Chrysalis Studios
Have a look at her 2 minute video, time lapsed to see a great version of what can happen.

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