Harvest — Salt Lake September Practitioner Group

Another helpful gathering last night supporting a monthly rhythm of meeting in local circle on applied practice of participative leadership.

Last night the group was hosted by Glen Brown. Our work together was creating ideas for a day of re-imagining a summer youth camp. Glen will be working with several people in November to rethink what camp is, center on the core purpose, tell stories of appreciation, inquire together how the needs of camp have changed, and a few other juicy approaches. We supported him and each other in exploring key aspects of the invitation for that planning group, some design, and some questions that are important to ask.

I loved being with this group. We are a growing group of friends in practice together. I loved the feeling of meeting in circle and feeling an added level of insight that seems to happen more keenly in a well-held process. I love the way that thinking about someone else’s project often sparks many insights for the projects others of us are working on. Nice work Glen.

Our next Practitioners Circle will be October 21st (third Thursday evening, 7:00 – 9:00).

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