In Ottawa, I hosted an OS on “Harvesting – taking it out of the room” with CUPE. Really good hit for me with some great learning. And people were digging and joining in the artifacts.

Here’s a link to the harvest: http://web.mac.com/neagan/Site/CUPE_January.html#85. And all the other photos that Nancy posted there.

This was a session on taking it out, but included threads on “what happened in the last three days?” A bit of what stands out to me…

– a good artifact for someone who was not at the event is one that makes them curious enough to ask you to tell them more about it
– common ground is a harvest even without words (yup, they were feeling the field)
– be thoughtful about headlines (this is really a practice, eh)
– magic (a comment on what happened from one on the design team that was really skeptical)

And this funny one that was a strong awareness of how concretely we worked with speed – redesigned workshops in 75 minutes, etc. “You guys are like Quaker Oatmeal – instant.” It was so cool.

All born from the field, wisdom that becomes available because of open heart, engaged conversation, and enabled action, I feel.

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