Hosting Politicians / Politicians Hosting

A bit from my friend Matt Meyer in Calgary, Alberta on the national election process. From an email exchange among him, myself and many other colleagues in Calgary.

Your response sparks a few thoughts. The ability to create an
energetic hearth really is at the centre of where we play with
leadership. And embedded in this is the capacity to be a host; the
capacity to speak to and engage the head, heart and hands of a group.
I have so much energy these days for practicing this by working with
hosts, befriending hosts and playing as a host. It is as real blessing
to be provided with these great opportunities. It has me thinking that
we really have a great deal to offer in the political process,
particularly in campaigning. I have a deep respect for what the
Alberta Party is doing with their “Big Listen.” Building on this, I
often wonder how things we be different if instead of a “Leaders
Debate” we had a “Leaders Dialogue”? What if we had a politician be a
participant of a public converstion, not the centre of it? Perhaps
this would resolve apathy, and former “feel-good” votes become the
voices of the future? There are so many systemic force fields
“protecting” the political process but our knowledge can make inroads
to finding new solutions by tapping a new level of consciousness. We
just need more conversational leaders!

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