Inspirations from the Art of Social Innovation

I am in Nova Scotia co-hosting The Art of Social Innovation with Tim Merry, Kathy Jourdain, and Sera Thompson. We are at Windhorse Farm. A lovely place for hosting a group in deep learning and change.

We have completed two of four days together. We have been in circle to share story and feel a sense of purpose. We have been in cafe to deep our questions around purpose. We have been in open space to witness projects in process and explore some of the uncomfortable questions we are living in social innovation. We have been in the forest for communion and inner reflection. We have played.

We are 43 people. Leaders of movements and projects. Human beings in learning. Thanks to some great stewarding by Greg Judelman, many are posting real time harvests — photos, impressions, thoughts, poetry, OS learnings, video at

I feel gifted by many learnings here and many friendships here. After two days, there are many that I want to have dinner with, listen with, explore with.  We hold this as a gathering of “all as teacher.” Ideas are popping for me. Each that I want to give attention to and that will live in me. A few headlines below.

From Steve Prather, a friend and colleague in Utah, with whom I am exploring a community wide wellness initiative — “Getting centered changes everything. Just being is powerful.” So glad Steve accepted this invitation to come.

From Phyliss, Jerry, Tim — the space of poetry and song that deepens my own practice of harvesting through poetry.

With Kathy Jourdain and with thanks to Sheri Herndon, working with the concept of Energetic Architecture. What is the simple that we can do in relationship together to intentionally set and work with the energy of a space and of a group. From big broad thinking to simple practices.

So much here. So much more. And breakfast calls.

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