Intuition from England

I am learning vast amounts about intuition, from a lovely home in Sturminster Newton, the home of my teachers and friends, Jeraldene Lovell and Clive Cole. I arrived here on the 11th. The days have been deliciously spacious. The learning and profound ahas feels like a masterpiece of music — crescendo, followed by another, followed by another.

Below is a bit I wrote in response to an email thread with some other colleagues, participants from the Ottawa area Art of Hosting community (that stretches to other places — Saskatchewan to Ireland). It begins to share some of what is taking shape in my consciousness, and thus, what I can work with.

“Juicy. Again.

To intuition, it is my learning that intuition is part of the reality revolution that we are living. What came to me today is that “Intuition waters and feeds intention (it helps us align with the natural light or energy we feel). Intention creates reality (we have capacity to invoke it into presence through the discipline of observation).

Yah, but what about projects, etc? For me, yup, it is still about leadership, change, and dialogue. Or even participatory leadership. Art of Hosting provides practice and ways to live into that. And underneath lies the part that captures my heart and interest. The one in which manifesting is a core capacity.

Last time at Galilee Centre, we spoke of the intention to tap the intelligence of the group and of the field. The wizarding that we touched then, is one of moving from that tapping (in an of itself an extremely useful practice) to manifesting.

Ah, a few stirrings that I offer to the center. In the spirit, practice, and yearning to touch the essence in this time of upgrading — kind of cool to be human. It is about the work. And for me, it can’t not be about the underlaying story of reality revolution.

Worth some time together — anyone, anyone.


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