Invitation — Women Circle on Local Food

An invitation I like that came from Maggie Wright. I love the simplicity. An invitation to gather. Naming it’s existing forms. Naming purpose of local food.

Dear You,

I want to invite you to join in an experiment. This experiment has been going on for thousands of years in many cultures, and is alive today in so many forms in our own culture. It shifts and changes with time, circumstances, and the needs and vision of the people involved. It has been known by many names: a talking circle, a roundtable, a speaking-round-and-round, a support group, a base community…

All of these names point to one truth: the power of gathering intentionally and intimately to know one another, and to understand a problem together. A small number of people, gathering regularly over time, to share the joy, challenge, and hilarity of our very ordinary lives, is immensely powerful and creative. It creates the glue that allows us to courageously and critically examine issues that affect our quality of life together.

We are Michigan women who recognize our land’s potential to nourish our families, our neighborhoods, and our livelihood. We have made it part of our work and our celebration to love the food that we eat, to be aware of where it comes from, and whose labor, whose care and intelligence bring it to our table. We brainstormed a constellation of strong women in this community with a creative commitment to local food and agriculture, and we spoke your name.

We are so grateful for your work and your spirit! If you’d like to drop in on a talking circle, please call or email ______________ to find out when and where we will meet.

May you be happy!
May you be healthy!
May you be at peace!

Thank you!

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