Just One

New beginnings is a common theme for my poetry, for my writing. I suppose it speaks to the courage I’ve had to muster in a few circumstances of life when much has been lost. I suppose it speaks to the encouragements I’ve offered to others doing similarly. And then there is the regular complexity of life and profession, that requires the imagination and conviction of experiments here and there, that bring life, learning, and new beginning.

There is a flowering that has often felt so important to me to remember — that longing that I have, and that so many of us have, to come fully into the garden presence, indeed, to become the garden with and among others. The Allium above offers its purple being, standing tall, greeting neighbors, and glistening in morning sun. From that a few words below to encourage the opening and flowering heart.

Just one step.
Just one next step.
It doesn’t matter so much, which step.
Start again.

Just one person.
Just one next person.
It doesn’t matter so much, who.
Just open.

Be in the Now.
Be in your heart.
Be in loveliness.
And unfold to the world calling and celebrating you.

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