Leadership, Relationship, & The Grail

These words from my friend Diana Durham, an expert and gifted soul at linking Arthurian legend to leadership, and wholeness to working with groups.

“… When we operate or gather in groups, the same dual set of ingredients is present as when we get together with just one person, except of course, there is more of everything.   More personality types, more roles, more relationship patterns, and also – at least potentially – more of the higher order flow or presence.  The more familiar we become with moving in and out of ‘Avalon’ the easier it is to let the field of collective intelligence work, and become energized.   We know what is common and what is different, we are at ease with both.   We have a detachment from our own patterns, and from the patterns of others, we don’t get hung up on outer structures, we learn to let the flow emerge from the undimensional and to keep things fluid.   

In this kind of setting, leadership becomes like relationship –  it is a kind of balancing act between the known and the unknown, between the space of connection, and the space of differentiation.   It is about allowing or facilitating this relationship in the group.  Its not about doing everything, its not even about delegating, it’s about allowing the conditions to show up, about trusting the invisible.  And whether one is playing the  ‘King Arthur’ role of leadership, or the ‘Peer of the realm’ role of leadership, its about knowing that this relationship is where its at, about knowing that this relationship between inner and outer works and about being at ease within this context.   And one cannot be at ease in this context collectively, if one is not at ease with it in oneself. …”

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