Living Wholeness

This morning Teresa Posakony and I were on a phone call with Maria Scordiolus and Sarah Whitely of Akladitsa Avatakia in Greece. They are dear friends. Colleagues. Companions. People to take soul journeys with. Our call was largely about checking in with each other. It was also about witnessing some of their journey in creating Akladitsa and coming into relationship with the land that holds them.

I’ve always loved Sarah and Maria for their commitment to “living wholeness.” They have a kind of clarity in their words and practices that feel essential in these times. They feed my soul deeply. A few of those values from their website are below that help me invite a deeper journey with the friends and colleagues I work with.

  • Axladitsa is a home place, a farm and a place of learning, inquiry and retreat – rooted in a Living Wholeness resonance, pattern and practice
  • The answers/solutions are here – it is just a matter of uncovering them
  • Our diverse perspectives and continuous collective inquiry allows something greater than any one of us to emerge
  • We all have something to learn & teach/offer each other
  • Our greatest potential lies between us and within ourselves
  • The field between ‘not knowing’ and ‘emergence’ is the place where creativity takes place
  • We are all interconnected with the wider web of life
  • Connecting with our individual passions and offering them with responsibility and consciousness create balance in the world – and a platform for our continued human evolution

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