Magic in the Middle

Lately I have been giving much attention to magic. One form of this is a question I am living about what is underneath methods for engagement and participation. At Flow Game training, one of the questions asked was “How to feed the magic in the middle?” I appreciated friend, Toke Moeller’s response. Toke has long been a teacher of such for me. We have become fellow students of such. Here is a bit of what he shared that felt very resonant for me:

– trust magic

– trust the space

– trust the heart of everyone

– don’t control it or hold it

– don’t expect magic, but be grateful when it comes

– be the jester, the student, the juggler, you

– respect form, but don’t get lost in it

– we can’t not sit in circle; it is who we are

– unite with the vertical

– enjoy the beauty of detachment

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