Many Worlds

I am beginning to write now about some things that have long captured my attention. Quantum physics. Intuitive intelligence. These are two in particular. I can feel a huge incompleteness in my knowing and understanding. It is the kind of not knowing that in the past would have deterred me from writing and sharing. Yet, these two areas have gone well beyond cognitive interests for me. They have become ways of being and ways of seeing in the world. They are ways that I’m aware require me to be different in not just the “what” of knowing but in the “how” of knowing. And enough so that “knowing” itself comes to mean something quite different than what I have been schooled to believe it is. From an objectification of fact based inquiry to a relational co-creational dynamic construction, or revealing, of reality, that has been here all along.

Woosh! Yes, it feels like a lot. I feel a bit crazy. Dizzy even. And I’m holding myself to go further into it rather than running from it (oh, and good to have a few key friends to help watch or guardian the process). It is not my desire to become the science expert and acquire those degrees. Thank you to those who have done so and who have shared your learning. It is my desire to apply insights from those studies to the process of working with groups and human beings in those groups. I want to connect the ideas, like some of the good people I’ve been able to learn with for many years now. Meg Wheatley is one of these people — she began doing this very kind of work twenty years ago when she published Leadership and the New Science. I feel the call to build further.

I suppose if I were looking for a couple of anchoring points, for me, all of this feeds two inquiries that have lived me. Two questions.

What could real also be?

What does it mean to be human anyway?

This feels like a life bridge for me. Not to be made sense of  all at once. But not to wait for all of the pieces to fall into place. One of my reasons for writing in this blog has been to learn in public. Express ideas. Invite reflection. Here I go. Again.

Many worlds. I am aware of this as a concept in physics. As I understand it, that all realities exist at one time. Perhaps it is more accurate to think of all forms of energy existing at one time, that when observed by a consciousness (people or other conscious beings), become form (what most call real). There is a classic illustration of this referenced as Schrodinger’s Cat. Hypothetically, a cat is placed in a large box unseen to an observer. The cat is given a pellet, with a 50% chance that the pellet is poison and will kill the cat. From a quantum perspective, the cat is both alive and dead until observed by the person. Both realities exist. Both potentials exist. If observed / expected as dead, the cat shows up as dead. If observed / expected as alive, the cat shows up as alive.

For me, scaling the many worlds dynamic out has felt quite gummy in my mind. It is so attractive as a concept. And actually simple in principle. And quite crazy at scale. Infinite realities have always been that way for me. I’ve experienced it as an overwhelm of trying to imagine myself shifting amongst these many worlds. Or even to shift into one world. My thought has been, “maybe if I can shift reality just a bit, then I can begin to imagine or practice shifting to World 2 or World 3. A small start to understanding infinite worlds. ” I’m just parking that awareness for now.

The insight this morning is from this. If many worlds exist, rather than the enormous effort and focus needed to make just one shift from one world to another, what if part of our nature is to effortlessly shift between all of those worlds all of the time? I don’t know where to find the constancy in that — I realize I look for it. But what if that is what all of us do, even though we don’t see it as such?

There is a problem that a team is trying to solve. Multiple realities exist, including the problem is solved and the problem is not solved. Let’s say the problem is solved. One way of looking at this would be, “Great, we did it.” My added lens is that we did it in this world. This his how I and I believe most would say that “we did it.” An alternative way of looking at this would be “Great, we did it because we invoked or presenced another world.” We imagine it as all here in this world that we reference. Yet, we actually shifted worlds. Effortlessly. Because that is what we instinctively do, even without knowing that we do it. It is part of being a conscious being interacting with energy.

My starting place for the value in this reasoning is the thought that we could begin to construct realities. As I continue to learn, I wonder if the value is in releasing the lock, the trance, the script of seeing just one world. And I wonder what unimaginable creativity arrives, becomes accessible, in the unlocking, the untrancing, and the unscripting.

Maybe. Maybe. The sciences of these times make me feel a bit crazy. But then so do the old scripts.

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