New Story — A Poem I Woke With

I woke yesterday with a dream in which I could see morphic fields expanding. Like stars in galaxies. The future we are called into, somehow feels like more. Like we are at a time when the DNA that unfolds in us has evolved.

We happen to live in a plane where these things play out in jobs, communities, teams, families, etc. I’ve always been drawn to the story under the story.

This poem ties together several key thoughts that have been with me over the years.

An offering that I hope supports all of us in the core work of shifting the narrative that guides us humans along.

New Story
Tenneson Woolf

It is said that the universe is expanding.
Billions on billions of stars and galaxies
further reaching out from a center.

I can see the spiraling, the clusters of order.
Phenomenal beauty at phenomenal scale.
Vastness living into vastness.

It is said that complexity is created from simplicity.
Simple pattern reiterated at scale,
expressed as fractal, to intricate whole.

I am learning to see pattern.
The unspoken and the spoken ones in strange attraction.
The way humans construct, knowingly or not, into structures.

I am aware that acorns become oaks.
Compelled into form,
unfolded from an inherent DNA.

I am aware that humans too
tumble forward in form.
Recreating familiar pattern of consciousness.

Yet doesn’t it seem like much is changing, now, in this time?
That there is awakening and churning
from a place that feels like more.

I tell myself that consciousness itself is expanding,
vastness into vastness.
And that we humans are into a new scale.

I tell myself that from simple pattern,
our fundamental identity is iterating
into new species.

Familiar, yes.
Related, yes.
But very new.

Seeing wholes in what was parts.
Seeing the visible
in what was not visible.

I don’t know if the Oak is becoming something new.
But we are expanding. We are fractaling.
We are compelled forward into new form.

It is a new story.
Or an old one if you prefer.
It is invitation.

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