Participative Leadership In the Salt Lake Valley


Thank you for your interest in Participative Leadership in the Salt Lake Valley. We know there are many of you. Participative Leadership is work that we have been practicing and doing in many parts of the world. With joy in very tough settings. We’ve seen great success and differences made in many organizations, working teams, movement leaders, and community.

An initial gathering was held December 12, 2009. It was an “appetizer” if you will. Well attended with 40 of us together for a half day, we began with a checkin hearing from each why participative leadership matters and in what aspect of work / life it is important. We moved then into a model and framework for thinking about participative leadership — a container if you will. And then into a questions cafe where participants began to surface the kinds of work and questions that they know are theirs to host. A harvest of some of those materials is here.

A second appetizer is being convened January 16, 2010 at the Holladay United Church of Christ (2631 East Murray-Holladay Road). We will begin at 9:00 (please plan to arrive 10 minutes early to mingle) and be finished at 1:00. Thanks to Rev. Erin Gilmore for offering the space. As before, we will welcome donations to pay for the cost of snacks and drinks.

If you came to the first, you are welcome to the second. You do not need to have participated in December to join us on the 16th. Please, bring a friend. We will be inviting participants to help co-design essential aspects of a Participative Leadership Development Series (tools, skills, maps, methods) that will begin in February or March, and run monthly for 6-7 months. It is intended as before as a learning and experience of working with Participative Leadership. This time to deliver the beginnings of a product. It is also intended, as always, to further weave our local community of people in participative leadership projects.

What follows is really a set of working notes that have helped us evolves the purpose and intention of Participative Leadership work that we are offering in the Salt Lake Valley.  We offer them with transparency and with invitation to create together the next level of leadership needed for flourishing community in the Salt Lake Valley.

Download All Sections in PDF DocumentDownload Invitation to December 12, 2009 in PDF Document
Download Invitation to January 16, 2010 in PDF Document

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