Powerful and Inviting Prayers

In working with the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration General Assembly Planning Committee, one of the things I appreciated was the prayers offered to begin our two days together. It was Sister Rosemary who offered them (resting elbow on table), both days with an invocation to attune to our breath, center ourselves, ground our feet through the floor and into the earth. Great qualities from this Franciscan tradition. And then words that felt real, inspiring, and inviting.

From New Wine Skins, “…we are too hopeful to be stagnant in spirit” and a reference to “messy Jesus business….” Gorgeous.

And from Touch Us Deeply,
“Grateful for who we are, yet restless at being anything less than we can become,
make us simple enough not to be confused by disappointments,
clear enough not to mistake busyness for freedom,
honest enough not to expect truth to be painless,
brave enough not to sing all our songs in private,
compassionate enough to get in trouble,
humble enough to admit trouble and seek help,
joyful enough to celebrate all of it…”

Beautiful inspirations offered by beautiful people to invoke a spirit of depth, thoughtfulness, and collaboration.

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