Principles to Get to Emergence — Part 2

It is no surprise that friend and fellow traveler Chris Corrigan would add some of his experience to what I posted from Debbie Frieze. He is a deep thinker, big open heart, and amazing connector — it comes from living attentitively. When I read these, I could immediately see openings for people I work with and my own understanding — a killer set of principles that can invite conversation and relation and creation. See Chris’ full description of an approach to facilitation. Very helpful.

If I look for the one, the most simple in this, my first hit is that these all serve a principle of wholeness. Mine. Yours. Ours. I find myself asking — what if all that I did, that we did, were a commitment and practice of restorying, restoring, and amplifying wholeness?

  • The wisdom we need right now is in the room.
  • Facilitation is not a directive practice, but rather a practice of creating and holding a container for the group’s wisdom to emerge.
  • To get to truly creative solutions we must invite chaos and order to play together.
  • Leadership is about inviting passion and responsibility into the process and supporting connections for action.
  • The process serves the group and needs to be carefully planned but should remain totally invisible.
  • Co-creation is the best way to get to wise action.
  • Process and content are equally important.
  • For a system or a group to function well it needs to be learning from its experience.
  • Groups are living systems, not mechanical systems.
  • All good work done in the world depends on good collaboration. Good work therefore is about both quality content and quality process.

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