A few questions that help invite the real energy and purpose of a project. Particularly important at the beginnng of work together — they are invitations to be clear. But also along the way so that the purpose doesn’t get unintentionally lost in the administrative details. Attention to these helps make visible the deeper calling to people. As always, it is the act of engaging that makes it more visible and more widely shared.

What is the possibility that got you in the room? (Thanks Tim, Diana in Portsmouth)
Why does this work matter? To you or to the community or to the world?
Why did you choose to come here today?
What wants to happen here?
What is possible?
What is it that we can’t not do here?
How do we work with what is coming toward us? (Thanks Berkana Stewards)
What could we also be? (Thanks to all the wonderful Danes that ask this with such heart!)

What imagery do we see when we think of possibility?

Blog and resource links from friend and colleague, Myriam LaBerge.

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