In the Crease, by Dick Irwin — This was a fun book to skim. Written by legendary hockey announcer Dick Irwin, the voice I new of the Montreal Canadians when I was a young boy, it connected me to many boyhood memories of NHL goalies and stories of legends in the game. Reminded me of the masks I used to paint and wear in the basement playing with my friends. To think that there used to be only one goalie per team and that was one not wearing a mask. Also has me paying attention to Martin Brodeur who is about to break the record for most career shutouts ever. At the time of writing the book, Irwin described Terry Sawchuk, the current record holder, as holding a mark that would never be beaten. It is about too!

Einstein’s Dreams, by Alan Lightman — Really quite a lovely collection of images and stories of time. I found myself thinking of those who I know that have a different relationship with time. Chris Corrigan on kairos and chronos reminded me of “body” and “mechanical” time described by Lightman. And I loved the expansiveness with which the author names the relationship between time and other cultural norms. “A world in which time is absolute is a world of consolation. For while the movements of people are unpredictable, the movement of time is predictable. While people can be doubted, time cannot be doubted.” There is also a chapter that I really enjoyed on time standing still, as if the center of time is where time doesn’t move. It’s worth reading and enjoying.

New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer — Read this one with my daughter Zoe. Vampires, werewolves, and a love story for young readers. Author went to local university here, BYU. Good reading with Zoe.

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