Removing the Illusion of Separateness

This would be another one of those topics about “what is really going on when people come together in conversation and learn well.” It is some of my imagining about the energetics that I have less language for, yet feels very important to name. For the many of us pioneering or re-pioneering the art of meaningful conversation and connnection as a way to do the work needed in the world today, it gives us further ability to connect and be helpful.

With thanks to mate, Toke Moeller for asking the question: What if hosting conversations that matter is the kind of leadership that allows everybody to learn? And to Bob Stilger and Lauri Prest who helped me churn a bit further with this, a few key points…

  • Conversation gives us doorway to learning and access to a shared resonance.
    From there, it is on. Big imagination and aliveness in purpose weaves to practical first next steps. In vision and in projects.
  • This is what I’m seeing activated – spreading like wildfire. In faith community. In family wellness in Illinois. In wellness in Ontario and across Canada. In labour education. It is what I am hearing and imagining with European Commission and the work that Toke and other hosting mates are in.
  • People reawaken. I reawaken. We can’t seem to help ourselves but reawaken. And when the smallest of that happens together, the world begins to feel deeply inviting.
  • Though I have less language for it, it is the energy center that pops with our conversations. I think we remove the illusion of our separateness and reclaim our wholeness / oneness.
  • Yup, from there it is on. How gorgeous to experience this in systems of governance, health care, etc. And maybe for the last 200,000 years or whatever period of adaptiveness.

Perhaps it is our nature to know wholeness. Perhaps this is what we know is possible in community. Perhaps this is what we yearn for, and when we taste it, we actually become different. Different in presence. In possibility. In capacity to work together and offer gifts to these times. Perhaps we are further learning to drop the mask and illusion of separateness.

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