Rural Health Network — Pioneers of the Possible

I just completed a day with a growing core team in Klamath County, Oregon. Yesterday, we were a total of 10 people. Lovely people. Leaders in the community. Mostly, providers of health services. Colleague Steve Ryman and I worked with Klamath Health Partnership CEO, Bob Marsalli to design the day. Our work yesterday was primarily

  • to build relationships to help hold the intention of transformation
  • clarify the central purpose
  • take next steps on convening a community event for 50

Our central purpose that we arrived at was, as community, “How might we together improve heath and access to health services in Klamath County?”

Our design was simple. Some contexting from Bob. Some explanation of how we would work together, building on the earlier exploration of team that had happened two months ago. We invited people to speak some of what they knew as pioneers (or stories of pioneers) and what they knew of engagement. It was a great energy to begin with. We deepened the inquiry into the project by using The Flow Game, a simple round of inquiry to understand more of what was involved in this project. And then we asked people simply: What do you need to be well in this project? Great sharing.

After lunch, our time was committed to sharing the 5 Breaths, a model for architecting change at scale. And then the first level of shaping language for an invitation and a list of who we would hope to have in the room to join this inquiry.

It was a powerful day. A good dive.

Bob introduced it as “Pioneers of the Possible.” A great invitation for all of us. He spoke of his recent journey to Southern Utah, and learnings of the Pueblo people and the kiva. “Out of the kiva to do. Back to the kiva to learn.” A great way to think about this core team. Good gatherings to center the work. Then clear steps of action that bring the work into a level of being and usefulness to the community and each other.

I always pay attention to reflections and appreciations in a closing circle. A couple from this group stay with me. “This is not an ask for trivial work.” “It has been a personal day, which I didn’t expect.” “It is refreshing to see the possibility of things I’ve been cynical about for a long time.” “I always leave more hopeful. I feel like I’ve been meditating all day.”

Gratitude to this team and the work we are supporting on heath and wellness.

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