Sacred is Released in Relationship

Last week I co-hosted an event for ministers and leaders from the Episcopalian tradition. I quite love meeting with those who are familiar with moving to the edges of tradition. To the newness. To the uncertainty. To the letting go. To the irrepressible inner prompt. This was a group skewed toward seeking out together new ministries in response to the needs and realities of human beings and churches today. Inspiring.

One thread of learning for me has been about the sacred, the essentially sacred. I named this as a topic to explore and invited other to join in that. I quite love the multiple meanings of this phrase. It points to what is at the essential core of the experience of sacred. It also points to the bridge that connects to the secular, simple hosting and social technologies that leave people feeling  something akin to sacred, but named differently.

My new friend Dan Burner spoke the first words of this. This simple phrase stays with me. I find it is the one that I’m sharing as one key marker for me from this event.

Sacred is released in relationship.

And I like how it is evolving. I shared this with a group of people I recently started meeting with, formed by friend Judy Wallace. It is called the Conscious Creation Circle, in the simple yet profound rhythm of meeting weekly by teleconference call for an hour, that begins with 15 minutes of silence. From participant in that group, Nana Dunn, added additional nuance.

Sacred is released in relationship and connection.

And as, email threads tend to go, another layer was added by Hala Makarem of the same group.

Sacred is released, revealed and sensed in relationship and connection –
a multi-dimensional heart space is birthed to breathe into
and manifest an integrated physical body experience.

Delightful isn’t it.

It sparked another layer of nuance for me that was present in the original conversation with Dan and others.

Relationship and connection
to self, each other, community, nature, subtle realms.
For me I feel the relationship, connection, and I’d say activation,
with some specifically named mediums —
beauty, light, love, kindness.
These each have frequency to them, an energetic,
that can pop to presence when attended to.

Glad to carry these expanded markers with me. And welcome both the simple essence and the added nuance.

They are feeding a current inquiry that pal Chris Corrigan, I, and others are holding, hosting, and harvesting together with some deliberateness over the next several weeks.

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