Some of the Principles that Guide this Work

  • Invite celebration, joyousness, creativity.
  • Get to do / “get to have to do.”
  • People want renewal together and of what is already in them
  • Whatever the challenge, community is the answer (The Berkana Institute)
  • “The answer to how is yes.” (Peter Block)
  • The wisdom we need is already in the systems where we work and live.
  • “Activate” resonance of leadership in community.
  • Work from the sacred and sense of open mind, open heart, and open will. (Otto Scharmer)
  • Working across boundaries.
  • Innovating.
  • Balancing colearning, building relationships, application to participant projects.
  • People will come out of the wood work — many of us yearn for other ways to work together.
  • Offer what we can. Ask for what we need.
  • Act locally. Connect regionally. Learn trans-globally. 
  • “Just go for it.” Playful experimentation. Start anywhere.
  • Trust the universe.

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