Spacious Love — Poetry by Tesa Silvestre

It is the poetry that seems to be calling me in this early part of 2012. It reminds me of something Michael Jones shared with me once when working together. “Wherever science goes, poetry was there a hundred years ago.”

The poem below is from friend Tesa Silvestre, whom I met in work at the Essex Conference and Retreat Center. In the way that I know Tesa, she offers much about expanding hearts and the depth of knowing and companioning that is a kin to soul tribe.

Spacious love

Can you feel
this electricity
in the air

between us?

these clouds of electrons
swirling and dancing
in the sparkling emptiness
that fills and connects us?

Oh, don’t be fooled
by this visual illusion
of separation!

When we look
into each other’s eyes,
and stretch into the space
between our hearts,
our whole bodies start tingling,
as we let ourselves feel
the currents of energy
always flowing within
and between

If you ever get
to witness others
quietly enjoying
each other’s presence
like that,
don’t stand by
and feel left out.

and drink in
this spacious loving.

Sooner or later,
we’ll all receive
buzzing evidence
that we’re
and intimately
to each other.

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