Fear is the Root Problem

And hatred. And how they escalate. These are roots of the problem too. These are the parts to get underneath to.

I appreciate those words from Pema Chodron, teacher to one of my teachers, reflecting on the an escalating violence in the United States (Bahamas has issued a travel warning to the US, cautioning black men in particular to be careful — it’s not safe, right; some of my Canadian friends tell me that when they travel to the US, their friends and family are now encouraging them to be safe — and meaning it).

I also appreciate the words from Pema Chodron, “I don’t know what the solutions are…. I am committed to continue to help where I can.”

I am committed to exploring fear that is underneath, to change who I am, and who we are. In the big scale (loss of power, identity, reactivism as rhetoric) and in the “small” scale that is individuals and groups (what if we don’t do this project, being behind in time, not having enough).

Peruse Pema’s full post below.

“It has finally really gotten through to me how dangerous it is to be black in America, especially for black men. It feels like Emmett Till all over again. Even in the case of Trayvon Martin, who was killed by a private citizen, I wonder ‘How could it be that George Zimmerman was not convicted of any crime?’ As this systemic oppression is seen over and over again in full sight with no justice, it is not surprising that there will be violent reactions such as the tragic shooting of 12 innocent police in Dallas.

If parents of black children have to teach them how to behave with police so they won’t get killed, there is something wrong with this picture. This situation is deeply disturbing to most Americans, including most police officers.

In the US, racial injustice has been going on since the days of slavery. But what is different now, is that the videos of the murders are there for all to see, and white people can no longer ignore what is going on. I am one of them. I don’t know what the solutions are. In fact, anything I would come up with I am already hearing from Black Lives Matter, Dallas Police Chief David Brown, and others, but there has got to be a way for us to move toward justice for all these victims of endemic racism.

The root problem is fear and hatred and how this escalates, which is where my kind of teachings could be useful. I am committed to continue to help where I can.”