Tend to the Center

In flight from Copenhagen to Paris, feeling the Art of Hosting at Karlskrona sink further into me. Realizing what a gift it was to meet Kara, an MSLS student, an artist, a warrior of spirit, a participant. Such a lovely being who offered an incredible gift to this Art of Hosting. She tended to the center of the circle.

Others helped Kara, but I saw her many times, in particular, quietly tending. She brought a few cloths, a few collections of long dried grasses. She lit tea candles. Replaced them when needed. Carefully collected the center pieces at night as the building was being used for other purposes. Brought them back the next morning, and with new offerings. Plants. A branch from a tree. She brought life in such a beautifully quiet way.

Kara tended to the integrity of the center of this circle, the hearth. She offered beauty. In simple, subtle ways. I believe just as a natural expression of herself. That tending created a powerful container for much of what happened over the course of this training and learning.

I have been on many hosting teams now. There are many rolls for people to play. Many gifts to offer. It is particularly clear to me that every circle needs a Kara or a team of Kara-like people. I’ll carry this forward into future teams.


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