The New Parish Priest

I seem to be working more with faith communities. I quite like it. I’ve always loved the immediate connection into issues that matter. With the Disciples of Christ last year, feeling such an appreciation for multiple ministries in the world. Offered by young people, old people, the grays. With the United Church of Christ, now, recreating a conference format for regional minister gatherings. With Catholic nuns, helping to evolved a community center.

I sense the times just call for an approach that is rooted more deeply in the heart and more open to inspiration and intuition.

Below is a book I read recently, a resource and story that I’m happy to dip into. Brian Bainbridge died a few years ago. With appreciation.

The New Parish Priest (Fr. Brian Bainbridge) — Recommended to me by Chris Corrigan for the work that I’m doing with faith communities. This is a short and simple read of shifting the culture in an Australian Catholic parish, using Open Space Technology as an operating system. From looking at the past to looking at the future. From control to shared service and offering. From “what do you want us to do, Father?” to “I’ve noticed this needs attention.” From “your” parish to “our” parish. Many stories of specific projects that began to come from the people of the parish. Nice reflections at the beginning and end on some of the learning of OS.

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