The Shape of Organizational Energy

The image is the torus. Energy comes in, expands, and returns. Expansion and contraction at the same time. Breath.

A helpful image shared on the AoH listserve is here.

The works I’ve been using to apply this to teams and organizations are something like this:

1. We come together to touch the hearth. Or the center. The energy of the whole. The purpose.
2. While together, through questions and stories, we notice what emerges that could not have happened alone. Notice what has energy for this group.
3. We take those learnings in the form of commitments and offerings for the next season of work together. Or work apart. The stuff we just do in the world or in the organization.
4. We regather to share the learning and touch the hearth again. To let go of that which doesn’t have energy. To notice next surprises.

A system that feeds on the energy of what is created together. Commitments fueled by that experience and clarity.

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