Transformational Energy Healing

This is some of the learning that my partner Teresa Posakony is exploring and practicing with deliberativeness.

Below is an excerpt from an article by Alice McCall (shared with me by Teresa) that clarifies some of the underlaying premises of this body of approaches.

These are beliefs and practices that ring very true for me. In my own practices and in the underlaying wholeness and systems views that I’ve long been exploring and applying in my work of facilitation with groups. I love how this helps to see more of the ever present yet invisible dynamics. And I love how this invites us individually and collectively into additional and needed levels of depth that these times call for.

“I [Alice McCall] am a Transformational Energy Healer and Spiritual Counselor, who successfully healed myself of breast cancer without medical intervention in 2007. It is my passion to help people heal, stay healthy, and prevent illness of any kind.

The basic premise of my healing practice is that the root cause of all health issues, emotional issues, disease, and unwanted life patterns is a negative thought or emotion buried in the cells of our bodies.

Thoughts and emotions are powerful. Anytime you hold onto a negative thought or emotion, it is automatically buried in the cells of your body. It is held there as dense heavy dark energy, versus the light bright energy that you were born with. Your body was not designed to carry this density and it can lead to a malfunction or health issue in the part of your body where it is primarily stored. If it is held in the kidneys, it can cause urination problems or kidney disease. If it is held in the colon, it can cause Crohn’s disease or IBS. The location of the stored density is determined by the type of negativity you are experiencing. Sadness, for instance, automatically becomes buried in the heart, and anger likes to find a home in the liver or lower back.

Simply stated, our mind, emotions, spirit, and body are all connected. Intuitively we know that there is a connection between having a nagging worry and feeling our heart racing or our stomach turning in knots. We have felt that mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical effect when we obsess with that worry. By using the principles of energy healing, we have an arsenal of tools to help us overcome these thoughts, and prevent them from becoming part of our being.”

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