Tweets of the Week

  • RT @sltrib: ‘Free Tim, Free Tim,’ protesters chant
  • Chief Wapasha: If you listen & watch the world around you, maybe you will have 1 idea in your life that will be of service to your people
  • Returned now from a week of learning on shifting consciousness from a quantum view. Feeling my way through the learning and core stories.
  • More important unfoldings in Utah on the global climate crisis trial of activist Tim DeChristopher. Follow #bidder70.
  • Yet there is a significant and reasonable defense to disrupting criminals that are already in your house robbing it. #bidder70
  • From Yes Magazine on emotions & communications with animals, more on intuitive knowing:
  • Beauty in the southwest, the kind of land that I have not seen in other parts of the world. From a drive last week.
  • How you do anything is how you do everything. Rob Sinclair of Conscious Brands ( — met at Calgary AoH in January
  • #Alsobe. “We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. We are the imagination of ourselves.” What could real also be?
  • All form is energy condensed 2 a slow vibration. #Alsobe. w/ form less static, wow, choice of form is born anew & shifts consciousness.
  • RT @shiftingshape: The future is not a place we go, it is a place you get to create. Nancy Duarte

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