Tweets of the Week

  • Breakfast on the tree (grapefruit) for the next few days in Palm Springs, California.
  • RT @PeggyHolman: Ppl who assume that they cn find the information they need when they need it R wired 2 organize their time differently.
  • Mark your calendar for April 13 — treat yourself to Meg and Deborah’s inspiring new book “Walk Out Walk On”:
  • If Appreciative Inquiry is “a way to help groups,” Quantum Leadership is “a way to be a wizard with helping groups.”
  • Quantum Leadership is everything from intriguing science fiction to paradigm shifting consciousness in large scale change and dialogue.
  • In times of complexity, appreciative approaches are gateways into knowing what to give attention to and where to start.
  • For those who follow Meg Wheatley, she has an inspiring new book, Walk Out Walk On:
  • Check out this new book, Walk Out Walk On, by my Berkana friend Deborah Frieze. Inspiring stories. Great cause.
  • Appreciating a call today with Harville Hendrix on connecting self-organization and creating a movement of networks on healthy couples.

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