Tweets of the Week

  • At the train station in Alewife, MA. On my way to #AoHBoston. Meeting team and designing today.
  • RT @katiaroha: There are over 20,000 species of edible plants in the world yet fewer than 20 species now provide 90% of our food.
  • Participants arriving through the snow for #AoHBoston. Follow us here:
  • Jon welcoming and inviting at #AoHBoston: LEAN IN to getting our important work done through collaboration, creativity, and action.
  • Framing for me at #AoHBoston: I don’t know what to do. But we do. Tap the intelligence of this group and this field.
  • Teresa framing at #AoHBoston: At the core of AoH = What does it take for me to be personally present and have courage amidst wild change?
  • #AoHBoston: 3 years ago at these Essex tables working with a wild idea: a movement for wholeness at Disciples of Christ. What wild here now?
  • Teresa at #AohBoston: Circle is for listening with each other, further into each other, and further into our selves.
  • #AoHBoston: On relationship to power and impact on work — Are you clear on your intent with the resources that you have?
  • Carl on intent and identity at #AoHBoston: “It’s always fun ’til someone looses an I.”
  • Deb at #AoHBoston: Instead of creating co-learning, shine a light on what is already happening.
  • Gabrielle at #AoHBoston: “If you are afraid to be wrong, you’ll never be right.”
  • #AoHBoston: It is not ours to live a life that is a perfect plan. Yet it is ours to live as practice and offering.
  • On two loops at #AohBoston: Thenew is in the birth of new systems.
  • On to Seattle after a full week at #AoHBoston, recovering from a slip-on-the-ice concussion, and a great pilot workshop with Diana Durham.

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