Tweets of the Week

  • Enjoying the green of Seattle (and though I like it the release from a month of shin, knee, and hip deep snow).
  • Back in Utah after 10 days away. Unpacking. Checking in on my grandparents. Seeing Isaac. A hot bath. Reading. Rest.
  • Elijah, my 5 year-old, on seeing sun-reflected prisms on the wall in our home: “Who spilled rainbows on the wall?”
  • Patti Case, friend in work with faith community movements, on changing lives: “Love is the axis around which the rest of it spins.”
  • RT #TED: Johanna Blakley on media, women, how social networks create passion-based community to transcend demographics:
  • An article by Craig Hamilton that my friend Diana Durham shared with me this weekend. On collective leadership.
  • The source of emergence is a shift in energy, which often comes from an appreciative approach and clarity of purpose.
  • Dreams as source for many insights. Images on which to project meaning. Invitations to be in relationship with the wholeness of the world.
  • Steven Johnson (Where gd Ideas Come From) via K Crowley: When nature finds itself in need of new ideas, it strives 2 connect, not protect.
  • Everything I know and experience with Sarah and Maria is exquisitely beautiful. Living wholeness:
  • The best of life and work I’m in is rooted in flow. The intelligence of a much-expanded world becomes accessible. I feel this as awakening.
  • Humans in upgrade. What we do in evolution with a changing planet. Much of the invisible accelerating into visible manifesting. Feel it?
  • RT @katiaroha: “We are living in the middle of the largest increase in expressive capability in the history of the human race” @cshirk

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