Tweets of the Weeks

  • Always drawn to bigger picture. Here is one on sunspots, sunflares, and magnetic fields.
  • Portable Principle from #AoCLNB: inquire about the whole. What is the system? Does it know itself as a system? What wants to happen?
  • Portable Principle from #AoCLNB: recognizing emergence is a core capacity for collaborative leadership.
  • Portable Principle from #AoCLNB: if you want a living system to be healthy, connect it to more of itself.
  • Join Meg Wheatley in Salt Lake City, UT, 11/29 for a #WalkOutWalkOn conversation. Info and registration here:
  • Appreciating this invitation from Charles Eisenstein: “Not giving our gift in these times creates misery.”
  • On wholeness from a friend: “There are times when I catch myself actually believing in a something separate from myself.”
  • Reflections on the language of resonance, inspired by Bowen AoH last week and friend Simone Poutnik:
  • Healthier Healthcare Systems – Join us here to talk about issues like this Thanks Marc Parnes.
  • RT @iyeshe: The futility of control is written into the fabric of reality.
  • RT @AmandaFenton: ‘Everything in moderation except laughter, sex, vegetables and fish. But not all at the same time.” Dr John TickellBeautiful poem, “Me and You,” on Dave Pollard’s site. In request to young writer, “your response to my generation?”
  • RT @berkanainst: Help us share the stories of living the future now! Join our Sharing Our Learning campaign!
  • Favorite quote from the Experience Music Project in Seattle: Jerry Garcia — “Magic is what we do. Music is how we do it.”
  • All Blacks are in the final vs France for World Rugby Cup. Exciting.
  • “Currency of the human heart” — lovely voice for what is happening in many places:
  • Favorite new title of workshop: “We’ve Got to Stop Meeting This Way.” From Nancy Eagan, Martin Siesta.
  • And Still I Rise — beautiful from Maya Angelou (and shared from Sarah Whitely):!
  • Consensus skills and consensus consciousness (or creation consciousness). On skills, from Tree Bressen:
  • RT @dfrieze: Why I believe #occupywallstreet can be a game changer. A @yesmagazine video. #neweconomy
  • RT @berkanainst: Art of Hosting coming up in Bowen Island; Dieppe, New Brunswick; Pembroke, Ontario; and Ottawa

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