Tweets of the Weeks

  • In my morning writing. Realizing this. If I’m still in my pyjamas at noon, I’m likely having a very productive day.
  • In writing practice, enjoying letting the words write me.
  • Friend, Tim Merry reflecting on the work of core teams: to accelerate learning is to accelerate innovation.
  • Berkana’s annual report. A good sense of the journey, intentions, core messaging, and some fantastic friends.
  • Thanks to friend Tatiana for “intuition as immediate apprehension, through multi-sensory awareness and intelle… (cont)
  • RT @benjaminaaron: creating and protecting space for silence, emptiness and emergence is an active act – & …
  • Moonlit sky. Crickets chirping. Gentle swing in a hammock. Good rest after three full and beautiful days hosting UCC Regional Conference.
  • RT @katiaroha: 8 non-War Metaphors for building a better future from the future-shaping Adding Berkana’s host, not hero

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