Tweets of the Weeks

  • The scientific paradigm itself is subjective. Quantum creates a bridge to connect old science objective to new science alchemy.
  • When did pilots get so young?
  • On my way to Edmonton. Seeing grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles. Colleagues, friends too.
  • Good time last night reminiscing with Meg about early days of Berkana and Self-Organizing Systems seminars and people we met.
  • What I like about modern medicine is that it is here. What I don’t like is the business model that over schedules. Good for docs.
  • Working with planning team for upcoming UCC conference. Checking meeting space. Improving design for hosting 175 over 2 days.
  • Learning about “stabilizing initiation” thanks to my friend Jeraldene. Stillness welcomed. “Just is” to.
  • Sunny afternoon in Utah County. Time to set up the hammock with Zoe.

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