Tweets of the Weeks

  • Celebrating my son’s 14th birthday today. And noticing Isaac is about a foot taller than last year.
  • 560 miles driving today, Lindon, UT to Missoula, MO. With kids. Glad for a rest now on our way to Canada.
  • Murphy Lake, just south of Roosevelt, the border crossing to Canada.
  • Learning with my 14 year old son — teenaged boys need to be “fueled.” It’s not just “when do we enjoy food?” It is “when do we re-supply?”
  • Lovely reconnecting start to a trip, hearing stories from my Mom about my Dad, who died 35 years ago. In wellness and wholeness.
  • Columbia Lake, headwaters for the Columbia River. From Canal Flats beach and our picnic spot.
  • RT @PeggyHolman: “Taking responsibility for what u love as an act of service, inquiring appreciatively is a game-changing skill.” Spot on.
  • Listening to Stan Rogers while the morning scones are cooking — lovely morning in Fairmont Hot Springs.
  • Making fire with Isaac. On a full moon night. 🙂
  • What I like at the beach.
  • Morning gelato in Invermere with Isaac. Clear blue skies. Shorts. Flip flops. Summer space.
  • Flathead Lake, Montana. On the way south. Skipping stones and stretching our legs.
  • Friend Art Park on core story in Art of Hosting: “There is an innate drive within all Life to return to Oneness.”
  • Watching 6 year-old Elijah at his first soccer practice. Eight Saturday games coming.
  • A slow traffic, eating sunflower seeds, trip on I-5 from Seattle to Vancouver, Washington with Teresa. Gift of time.
  • Morning hike near Mt. Hood and the Zigzag River. Refreshment of a full forest and valley.
  • Got to tag along to Taholah with colleagues Sono, Teresa, John to host Quinault Indian Nation in next steps of their strategic plan.
  • A hike today from Sol Duc Falls to Deer Lake in Olympic National Park. So much that is beautiful.
  • Ferry ride from Kingston to Edmonds. Striking. Beautiful.
  • A view on the “house of cards” that is the financial sector:

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