Tweets of the Weeks

  • These are important and helpful webinars, offered by BALLE. More on living locally practices. 
  • Good teleseminar on Cynefin Framework by Chris Corrigan. For TransitionUS group. 55 minutes. 
  • Friend, Steve Ryman on intentional nomading: “the journey is about finding opportunities to practice generosity and gratitude.”
  • Life seeks natural order – you can depend upon it. We have the power to grow someone by how we engage with them. Harvests from Toke in Zim.
  • The art of participatory leadership moves us from best practice to next practice. Friend Toke working in Zimbabwe.
  • BALLE is a great organization. Catalyzing the localist movement. Annual conference, June in Buffalo, NY. 
  • Holly Masturzo: Citizens who demonize entire cultures might as well be geologists who cannot discern between volcanoes and mountains.
  • Clear narrative that I love. Contemporary life, sacred economics. Charles Eisenstein 12 min video: 
  • Beautiful post from Dave Pollard. Enough. A claim to now and the future. 
  • I like this article by Bhav Patel. Pay attention in leadership to “what is right” rather than “who is right.” 
  • David Stevenson, AoH Community: Elders seem to be those who by their spirit and nature are our guides to what is great within us.

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