Tweets of the Weeks

  • Helpful open source software approach to harvesting in large groups / conferences from Luke Closs: 
  • Utah friends, please consider supporting this 10/27 fundraiser to benefit good friend, Lisa Lires and family: 
  • A favorite line from yesterdays Leadership Summit from Gemma Mendez-Smith: Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated. #summit
  • Involved in convening in relation with faith communities to create change? Like us here on Facebook: 
  • Hungry to hear and share stories on convening in faith communities? Check this  and join us here 
  • If you use the 2-loops model, an interesting read from Whitney Johnson and Juan Mendez (thanks Shari Black): 
  • For those leading in faith communities, like us on facebook to see updates for Nov 28-Dec 1 AoH event: 
  • Helpful post here from my friend Kathy Jourdain on what helps create hosting team success: 
  • For those involved in Conference Theme Weaving, a helpful blog from my friend Amanda Fenton: 
  • Article on systems change in Nova Scotia Public Health through participative leadership. From friend Tim Merry. 

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