Tweets of the Weeks

It’s been a while since I compiled these. I’ve given my attention full on to hosting and calling a couple of events. And tweets are just the perfect landing place for some of those helpful bits of story and resources.

  • RT @bobstilger: Announcing soft launch of The Transformation Institute, Community / Business / Personal Transformation
  • RT @NoeticOrg: The six core tenets of Worldview Literacy:
  • 300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds: Helpful story ( from Post Carbon Institute (
  • Appreciating @PeggyHolman sharing stories of Journalism That Matters that inspire Healthier Healthcare Systems next week in Utah.
  • Readying for Healthier Healthcare Systems: Daring to Create Together What the Needed New Can Be —
  • From Seattle to Utah today. Grateful for a holiday. Continuing to learn the importance of rest in relation to ready.
  • Returning from New Years near Mt Hood. Games, friends, food, play, rest. Outside looking like this:
  • RT @SMHoenig: We have become attached to our distorted way of seeing things & have not the courage to see way things really are. ~ Panditji

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