Tweets of the Weeks

  • Rachel Maddow author of Drift, on the Daily Show, on public and political sense making: “conspiracy is just easier than complexity”
  • Bit of spring from Utah.
  • RT @acuginotti: A big part of this #homeschooling & #unschooling journey is deschooling the parents
  • RT @annbadillo: What We Owe Adrienne Rich by Madeline Ostrander — YES! Magazine
  • My sweetie and partner Teresa Posakony launched her website, Emerging Wisdom. Check it out.
  • Provocative sufi mystic articles (thanks MJW for forwarding) that change the story. and
  • Inspiring article on health care renewal and participative leadership, forwarded from friend Tim Merry.
  • Nice harvest video from friends working with community in Minnesota:
  • From Cecilia Corcoran, Fransiscan Sister, this gem: “Only in the experience of a luminous interior life can we move with the inner authority to respond with a compassionate heart to know and do what is ours to do.”
  • Interesting writing retreat in Vermont April 19-22. Join my friend Lex Schroeder and Erica Dhawan for Ideas That Move:
  • From one of my labour union hosting colleagues on capitalism — “surely there must be a way for reasonable distribution of wealth.”
  • RT @laurelhubber: “leadership is about creating change that you believe in” – Seth Godin. Or hosting process of share creation.
  • Watching Elijah at swim class. He is a fish!
  • A couple hours of yard work today. Great to pull out winter kill and spread some compost. Something good about hands in dirt.
  • The Most Astounding Fact with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. From my friend Corbin. Great images, music, story.
  • Great meeting today with my friend Carla and a school principle preparing for a bully-prevention community conversation later this week.

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