Tweets of the Weeks

  • Inspiring video on creativity and freedom. From Sue Austin, deep sea diving in a wheelchair. 
  • #aohmpls2012 Sue: How lively life is when comfortable with not knowing.
  • #aohmpls2012 Bob-E: AoH is a profound way to enlarge your sense of self.
  • #aohmpls2012 Enjoying the expansiveness of reflective listening through story hosted by Jerry, Kathy, Myron.
  •  friends gathering I design and play. #aohmpls2012
  • A new friend I’ve met, Joan Blades, doing impressive work with conversations and families: 
  • If you’ve been moved by Circle as process method, please consider the Legacy Project in your holiday giving: 
  • I’m renewing attention to what began for me 15 years ago. Ann Linnea of PeerSpirit describing some of that: 
  • Design today for Art of Convening in Faith Based Communities. Like us here for some harvests: . And more at #aohfbc.
  • A great publication, Yes Magazine. This issue — What Would Nature Do? 
  • We are 47 for The Artistry of Convening Within Faith-Based Communities. Like us on FB for a few updates. 
  • Please explore / support my friend Carla Moquin’s launch, Babies in Business Solutions (BIBS). Imaginative work. 
  • Inspiring public engagement work in Halifax, Nova Scotia that friend Tim Merry is a part of. 
  • 5 spots remaining for Artistry of Convening Within Faith Based Communities. We’ll explore the sacred and the skills. 
  • From Bob Wing. “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing it doesn’t belong in a fruit salad.”
  • And added to by friend Nana Dunn: Sacred is released in relationship and connection.
  • A learning for me this week, voiced by new friend Dan of the Episcopalian tradition: Sacred is released in relationship.
  • Great video from Jerry Nagel and others in Minnesota using that Art of Hosting pattern to help in their communities: 

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