What Grows in Rocks

Last weekend I took a solo hike and overnight camp to Stewart Falls. It is near Sundance, Utah in the Wasatch Mountains. The hike is about 2 miles in and well worth it — the hike itself and the 200 foot falls. After a good sleep underneath the stars, I spent most of the next day sitting quite still. In meditation. In appreciation. And, in the way that only happens when I sit long enough, noticing things that have always been there but that I haven’t seen in the same way.

This time is was noticing the amazing amount of growth in what feels like solid mountain. Beautiful flowers. Beautiful greens. On the sides of cliff walls. Tucked in to little crannies. It really captured my attention and awe. Amazing beauty that grows out of rocks. Seeminginly impossible or improbable. Gloriously beautiful.

I found myself thinking about that voice I’ve heard from some clients (and that I know in myself). It is the voice that says “this is all really great, but _____ (insert name of person who doesn’t get the work we are trying) will never go for this.” Or “can’t do this.” Or “will never change.” It is that voice that comes from a desire for doing good communally and in cooperation, but knows the strength of pattern and personality that can block the very collaboration we want. More and more when I hear this voice, I speak of and invite all of us to be willing to be surprised. Just like those flowers and such that grow out of seemingly impossible conditions, people too, when in community, grow and flourish. From seemingly impossible and improbable to gloriously beautiful.

Here are a few additional photos from that day of things growing in rocks. Enjoy. And here are a few other photos from the falls and surrounding area. Enjoy again.

And here’s one from Peggy Dunn, a friend who I met several years ago. She shared this photo in response to the above.

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