With Flow, With Joy

When I wish navigating guidelines, I suppose in overarching attempt to live a good life, I so often return to varied surrenders to flow, and to varied welcomes of joy. Images and words of flow and joy come calling to me, collecting me again, centering me again. It is the Zen part of me that so appreciates a simplicity.

And thus, a few impressions this morning.


It is true for me,
perhaps for many,
that I, and we, seek to feel
states of flow.

I, and perhaps we, must
know Life’s irrepressibility.

Emphasizing kindness
and practicing consciousness
the best that I can,
the best that we can,
within ourselves
and with others.

It is true for me,
perhaps for many,
that there is deeply satisfying joy
to do so.

A bow to the way that any of us live from flow and joy.
A bow for the way that flow and joy live us.

2 Replies to “With Flow, With Joy”

  1. Sometimes a poem or a phrase “reads” us …

    I love “I/we must know Life’s irrepressibility”

    I know this in the deepest part of my being.
    There is nothing that stops this flow from happening,
    only my awareness of it.

    I love that word this morning … irrepressibility

    may it be so

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