10 Distinctions that Bridge Us to the Living Operating System

I consider Bill Muhr a good friend / colleague. Since meeting 18 months ago at a leadership retreat I was involved in hosting, we have stayed in touch with helpful, playful, soulful Skype calls every 4-6 weeks. One part of his work is counseling and therapy. Another part is coaching and participative design. He’s very skilled at both. He’s doing a lot of work with faith communities, which is one of the things we share. I love Bill’s ability to see a big picture and connect multiple layers together.

Bill recently shared a list that he created with the above title. I find the list rich and thoughtful. Particularly for any of us that are trying to simplify the profound narrative shift of how we do things together. You need simple distinctions like this, I find, to help people struggling for even the beginning of conceptual understanding. Of course it’s not either / or. But starting with some “it’s not / it’s about” distinctions can really open the doors to that profound narrative.

  • It’s not about critical mass; it’s about critical connections.
  • It’s not about events; it’s about movement.
  • It’s not about small groups; it’s about ecosystems.
  • It’s not about discovering the next viral trend; it’s about discovering our unique story — a map and a trajectory for the future.

His full list is worth exploring in detail. Contact him. These are a few that get me started in helpful, playful, soulful ways.

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