Live Slowly


Michael Leunig is an Australian Cartoonist and Writer. I was introduced to his work in the most beautiful ways over the last week. His art hangs on each wall at the retreat center, The Big House, which housed and hosted us for The Circle Way Practicum. His poems were used by participants to host some of our process together. His books populated shelves of the main room. I got really excited about Michael Leunig.

Yesterday I memorized one of his poems, included in the book above, When I Talk To You, which I’m now carrying with me.

God help us to live slowly.
To move simply.
To look softly.
To allow emptiness.
To let the heart create for us.

I love having these words as memory from Australia, and as guide as I adapt to return.


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  1. Tenneson, thank you for taking the time to share this. It is one of those perfect messages in the moment as I enter into the high-energy days of a new collaboration. Here’s to all of our heart’s creations!

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