This image is irresistible to me. I snapped it on my phone two days ago.

The place is Bowen Island, where there is rarely snow. More specifically, through these snow covered trees, is a yurt at Brian Hoover’s property. The framed structure is entry. The yurt itself, behind the entry, is 20 feet in diameter.

The context at one layer is, the beauty of winter. Winter Wonderland. Trees draped in snow. Cold, crisp air. Soft padding feet on fresh snow. I am grateful that I have many experiences of winter beauty. It helps to have snow pants, a good coat, gloves, and a snow hat to cover your ears.

The context at another layer is men’s retreat. That yurt, and that land, held 11 of us in song, dance, story, dialogue, and silence for three days spread over four. Men sharing wonder. And wounds. And beauty. And jokes. And shadows. And fears. And creating ritual.

That too, is wonderland. That too, is irresistible.

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