A Cadence of Despair: Poems and Reflections on Heartbreak, Loss and Renewal

In March 2020 I published this collection of poems and reflections, with desire for an arc of healing and an arc of vitality. For me, it was mostly about getting the courage to face a few decades of patterns in my life.

I continue to learn immensely, just by being willing to engage a relationship with the most personal of material, that turns out to be rather universal.

Heartbreak, loss, and renewal are widely experienced. Of course. Different circumstance, or nuanced context. Of course.

I continue to learn that there is much more to be gained — and healed, and brought to life — from the leaning in than there is from the leaning away or denying. And have been lucky to have some people in my life to guide so skillfully and lovingly. When acknowledged in thoughtful encounter with community, this seems to grow us all.

It’s widely known that mental health is being widely challenged in these times. Pick your context. It’s also widely known that connection with ourselves and with others — in honesty, humility, longing — creates belonging and ability to evolve and improve who we are and how we are together in times such as these.

I’ve told people, “I don’t think of this as an easy read; but I do hope it is a helpful read.” I hope that it helps people find their courage in the map of descent, willingness to welcome hints and insights, venturing further in honest awareness, and experiencing some new birth, new life.

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  1. Thanks so much for the reminder Tenneson! I have purchased and I look forward to the nourishment of your poetry. Kari

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