A Few of My Favorite Things

Yesterday we completed the Fire & Water Leadership Journey and Rite of Passage. The Original Group, a delicious group of 17 we’re convened for the last five days. Online. For connection. For witness. For learning. For return. For goodbye. It’s been 16 months of journey. I’m proud of the way the way that my friend / colleague Quanita and I have held a deep space for this over this this time — going back to pre-CoVid. I’m proud of the participants — what they are and have become. Wise and soulful.

One of the exercises we did to move toward ending was to ask, “as you complete Fire & Water, what question would you most like to be asked about your experience.” And then off to pairs to share what that question is and a bit of why it is important.

Here’s a sample, a few of the questions that help to carry the experience.

What are you most proud of?
Who are you… really?
So what’s the next journey?
What’s working you now?
What did you let go of and how did it feel?
Based on what you’ve learned, how will you choose to be, now?
What do you stand for, and how?
What was most impactful for you during the last 16 months?
How can I Support you, now?
What do you need me to see and love about you?
What did you learn about yourself in the process?
What was the point?
What were some of the weeds  that you got caught in on your journey? And how did you get through those weeds?
I will hold space for you to share all of the small-story-details of your journey.
What did this journey transform in you?
What did the soup taste like?
As you claim being a grown-ass adult, what are some of the things that you’ve let go of?


A few of my favorite things. The people. And the questions.

Join us for the 2021-22 Cohort. Applications are open through January 31st, but best to apply in the sooner. All age ranges welcome — the first group ranged 25-60.

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